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We offer our clients luxury accommodation for the duration of their stay in warm and comfortable surroundings in the heart of the Kent countryside. We have a selection of double and single rooms equipped with all the necessary items that our clients would expect in a home away from home. 

Why we do what we do?
We recognise that a Dog is not just a Dog!

Apart from being a member of your family, your Dog is an individual, and has individual needs, wants, desires and has an individual personality, the same as us humans.

Our passion is to treat every Dog that is entrusted into our care as an individual, and to encourage them to integrate into our deliberately small dogotel. Interacting with our other canine guests, having the very best of care, long walks and exercise , games and most importantly – fun, love and affection.
Whether this is long or short term, it is important to us that we are able to bring a sense of significance to our guests so that as individuals they feel loved, and not just offered a Kennel to sit in for the duration of their stay.

It is our passion that all Dogs should feel loved and this is the driving force behind why we offer this exceptional service.

  • Bedroom One for the discerning pup

  • Bedroom One for the discerning pup

  • Bedroom 2

  • Bedroom 3

  • Our Double Bed Room

  • Our Beds can be replaced with baskets if so desired

  • Corridor with facilities

  • Corridor from the other end

Our premise has been rated  5star by Ashford Borough Council

Our Mission Statement:
Turning dreams and passion into reality.

To transform a place to stay while their owners are away, into a loving, caring and devoted second short-term home for our canine guests who will feel treasured during their stay at Hugme Dogotel.


Hugme Dogotel
Meadow Cottage
Church Lane
TN26 1LY
Tel: 01233 733420

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